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Shetland is an archipelago in the North of Scotland, situated in the North Atlantic, between Great Britain, the Faroe Islands, and Norway. The largest island of this archipelago, known as “the mainland”, is the third-largest Scottish island and the fifth-largest island of the British Isles. Shetland has an oceanic climate, with a rugged coastline and many low rolling hills. The lifestyle of the locals reflects the Nordic and Scottish culture of these islands. The Shetland Islands have a number of areas set aside to protect the nature, flora, and fauna of Shetland, including important seabird nesting sites. It’s worth noting that this is a popular spot for cruise ships, as many choose to add a stop on their route around these islands. Shetland can be viewed from this Shetland Webcam.

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Shetland Beach

The views of Shetland are a real treat for the senses, where we can see vast landscapes full of life. Shetland’s beaches are beautiful and have an amazing sunset. Almost 1,700 miles of beaches of all types, some rocky and some sandy. Some of its most notable beaches are Sands of Sounds, Minn Beach, and Dale o’ Waas Beach.

Shetland Webcam

Hotel and Airbnb in Shetland

Hotels in Shetland are of various categories to suit the needs of every guest. There are not as many hotels in Shetland as on other islands, but there are enough to make for a great holiday. Most hotels in Shetland offer bed and breakfast. Another option available is to rent Airbnb accommodation in Shetland, for those looking for a more intimate experience. Camping in Shetland is a great option to consider if you want to experience the great outdoors and be close to the coast. There are plenty of places to camp in Shetland, including caravan parks.

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