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Pitlochry is a small town in the county of Perthshire, Scotland. It is a tourist attraction with history. It has buildings and architecture from the Victorian era. It is also surrounded by mountains, making it an ideal place for hiking and other outdoor activities. It has museums, monuments, and is well known for the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. You can see Pitlochry from this Pitlochry Webcam.

Pitlochry Online Camera

From the following Pitlochry webcam, you can watch live and online everything that is happening in this picturesque town and on the streets of Pitlochry.

Weather in Pitlochry

From the following integrated application, we can see the current weather and climate in Pitlochry. It normally has a climate with mild summers and cold winters.


The city of Pitlochry

The sights and scenery of Pitlochry are a real treat for the senses, with small streets, pubs, shops, and Victorian stone houses. The town of Pitlochry offers plenty of attractions worth visiting such as the Old Town, Atholl Road, and the River Tummel. You can find places selling souvenirs and all kinds of items for mountain walks.

Pitlochry webcam

Hotel and airBnB in Pitlochry

Hotels in Pitlochry include grand old buildings which have been converted into today’s renowned hotels such as Fisher’s Hotel Pitlochry, Pitlochry Hydro Hotel and the Pine Trees Hotel Pitlochry. You can also rent Airbnb and holiday homes in Pitlochry if you prefer more private and independent accommodation. Camping in Pitlochry is a great way to spend a family holiday as there are areas equipped for camping with all the necessary facilities.

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