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Cairngorm is a mountain area in the East Highlands of Scotland. Along with other mountains, the Cairngorm is part of the Cairngorm National Park. These high altitude plateaux attract tourists for their winter sports opportunities such as skiing and climbing. The area has long-lasting snow patches, as snowfall can occur in any month of the year. It is considered one of the most reliable ice climbing areas in Britain. We can observe Cairngorm from this Cairngorm webcam.

Cairngorm Online Camera

From the following Cairngorm Webcam, we can see live and online everything that is happening in the Cairngorm mountain area.

Weather in Cairngorm

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Cairngorm Ski Resort (CairnGorm Mountain)

The views and landscapes of Cairngorm are a real treat for the senses, where we can see the peaks and mountains that have patches of snow almost all year round. Cairngorm ski resort has slopes for all levels and even freestyle areas. With over thirty slopes offering skiing and snowboarding, the resort is open all year round and offers spectacular views of the Highlands. As well as having Scotland’s only funicular railway, when you reach the top you can enjoy a great meal at the highest restaurant in the country.

Cairngorm Webcam

Hotel and airBnB in Cairngorm

The hotels in Cairngorm are large residential buildings with a very cozy and wintry atmosphere where we can spend the rest of our time on our sporting holiday in the various activities on offer such as swimming pools, spas and bars. You can also rent Airbnb and holiday homes in Cairngorm if you prefer more independent and private accommodation. Camping in Cairngorm is a great option for nature lovers, especially in the summer season, where you can enjoy all the surroundings at their best, camping in the forest and living a unique experience.

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