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Braemar is a beautiful village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, in Great Britain where you can enjoy nature and the views and scenery from the comfort of a nearby pub where you can stay to explore and discover Braemar in its wild state. Braemar is the most important settlement in the area and is situated on the upper reaches of the River Dee from where you can enjoy the tranquillity and vastness of the area. We can observe Braemar from this Braemar Webcam.

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From the following Braemar Webcam, we can see live and online everything that is happening on the coast of Braemar and its surroundings.

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From the following integrated application, we can see the weather and climate in Braemar right now.


Braemar Land

Be amazed by the nature, the view and the landscapes of Braemar from the smallest town in Scotland which is the largest town in the area. Here you can enjoy the great walks and trails and take in all that Braemar has to offer, enjoy and relax in the natural and wild environment that it provides.

Braemar Webcam

Hotel and Airbnb in Braemar

The hotels in Braemar have large holiday complexes where you can enjoy all kinds of activities in their common areas such as swimming pools, spas and much more, all just a few metres from the coast. There are also holiday homes and Airbnb in Braemar if you prefer a more independent and private accommodation, especially if you are travelling in large groups, this is the best option. Camping in Braemar is a great option for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, as you can camp on the beach or in specially prepared areas. We can also find parking areas for caravans in Braemar where we can spend the night and share the place with other travellers.

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