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Oxford is a city in England, the county town of Oxfordshire. It is located north-west of London, south-east of Birmingham and north-east of Bristol. It is an important city well known for the famous University of Oxford, the world’s oldest English-speaking university. Oxford has a wealth of tourist attractions and points of interest for visitors. The city centre has shops, theatres, monuments, restaurants, buildings with typical local architecture, markets, a cinema, ice rink, and everything else you can imagine. It also has lively parks where you can stroll, cycle, or just sit on a bench and enjoy the view. We can observe Oxford from this Oxford Webcam.

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From the following Oxford webcam we can see live and online everything that is happening in this lively city with a most attractive architecture.

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Oxford City

The sights of Oxford are a real treat for the senses, where you can see its historic buildings and stroll through its wide streets. The city of Oxford has a wealth of monuments and attractions to visit, many of which are part of the University of Oxford. It also offers the opportunity to take part in cultural events and talks. There are many things to do in Oxford, from visiting the gardens, to hopping on a double-decker bus for a tour of the city, and much more.

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Hotels and Airbnb in Oxford

The hotels in Oxford have large holiday complexes where you can find common areas and activities such as the swimming pool and bars within the complex. There is also the option of renting Airbnb and holiday houses in Oxford if you prefer more independent and private accommodation.

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