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Cinderford is a town located on a fringe of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England. This town has a mining history which can be seen in its architecture. We can observe Cinderford from this Cinderford Webcam.

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Cinderford Live Camera

From the following Cinderford webcam we can see live and online everything that is happening in the lovely streets of Cinderford.

Weather in Cinderford

From the following integrated application, we can see the current weather and climate in Cinderford.


City of Cinderford

The sights and landscapes of Cinderford are a real treat for the senses. In Cinderford we can see a town centre with shops and cafes, as well as large parks and places with walking trails and other sports on the outskirts of the town. Not to be missed are the Cinderford Quays, and the cathedral with its beautiful architecture over a thousand years old.

Cinderford webcam

Hotel and airBnB in Cinderford

The hotels in Cinderford have small rural buildings where we can stay during our trip, which are integrated with the city giving us a crazy experience in our holidays. You can also rent Airbnb and holiday homes in Cinderford if you prefer more independent and private accommodation. Camping in Cinderford is a great option for nature lovers, as there are plenty of spaces for camping and caravanning. There are also caravan parking areas in Cinderford where you can spend the night without any problems.

Cinderford Map