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Torquay is a beautiful coastal town situated in Devon, England. It is part of the unitary authority area of Torbay. It is known to some as the “English Riviera”, due to the importance of tourism in the Victorian era. Today many tourists enjoy its harbour and beaches. This place has a lot of tourist attractions, as well as the promenade, museums and hotels. We can observe Torquay from this Torquay Webcam.

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From the following Torquay webcam you can watch live online everything that is happening in Torquay harbour.

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Torquay Beach

Hotel and airBnB in Torquay

The hotels in Torquay have large residential complexes in which we can spend time with the communal areas and activities on offer such as swimming pools, spas and bars. You can also rent Airbnb and holiday homes in Torquay if you prefer a more independent and private stay. Camping in Torquay is a great option for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts as there are plenty of spaces equipped for this purpose. You can also go glamping in Torquay to enjoy the same experience in a more comfortable way in cabins set up by professionals with all the basic necessities inside and around. We can also find caravan parking areas in Torquay where we can spend the night without any problem.

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