Things to Do in Salcombe: Your Ultimate Guide

Thinking about visiting Salcombe, the picturesque town nestled in the South Hams district of Devon? The question isn’t if there’s enough to do in Salcombe—it’s how to fit it all in! Let’s dive into our extensive guide to ‘Things to Do in Salcombe’. But be prepared, there’s a twist that will make your adventure even more exciting…

Embark on a Sailing Adventure

Salcombe is synonymous with sailing. The estuary provides a haven for sailors of all abilities. Charter a yacht or learn to sail at one of the many sailing schools—there’s no better way to enjoy Salcombe’s coastline.

Indulge in Local Gastronomy

Salcombe offers a feast for foodies. From the famous Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream to the locally-sourced seafood, the town’s culinary scene is rich and diverse. Don’t forget to try the Salcombe Gin at the local distillery!

Discover Salcombe’s Heritage

Step back in time at the Salcombe Maritime Museum or visit the Overbeck’s House and Garden. Salcombe’s heritage is both rich and fascinating.

Explore the Stunning Coastline

The South West Coast Path runs through Salcombe, offering dramatic sea views and opportunities to spot local wildlife. It’s a must for keen walkers and nature enthusiasts alike.

More to Discover

Our guide to ‘Things to Do in Salcombe’ is far from over. From thrilling water sports to relaxing beach days and foodie delights, there’s something for everyone in Salcombe. Ready to uncover more? Stick around as we continue to reveal Salcombe’s hidden treasures. Your Salcombe adventure is just about to take an unexpected turn!