Navigating Newquay Airport: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you planning a trip to or from Newquay and have questions about the airport? Welcome to your one-stop guide for navigating Newquay Airport, packed with insider tips that will make your journey smooth and hassle-free. Curious? Let’s dive in.

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Overview of Newquay Airport

Known officially as Cornwall Airport Newquay, is the primary airport serving Cornwall county in England. The airport, located just five miles northeast of Newquay, is a convenient hub for both domestic and international flights.

Facilities and Services at Newquay Airport

Newquay Airport offers a range of facilities and services designed to make your travel experience as comfortable as possible.

Food and Beverage Options

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a sit-down meal before your flight, there are options available for you. The airport houses cafes and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a meal.


Don’t miss the opportunity to pick up some last-minute gifts or travel essentials from the airport’s shopping facilities.

Additional Services

Beyond dining and shopping, Newquay Airport also offers services such as car hire, free Wi-Fi, and facilities for passengers with reduced mobility.

Transportation To and From Newquay Airport

Getting to and from Newquay Airport is a breeze thanks to multiple transport options.

Public Transport

Buses and taxis provide regular service between the airport and Newquay town. If you’re heading further afield, train services are available at Newquay station.

Parking and Car Hire

For those driving, Newquay Airport offers a range of parking options. Additionally, several car hire companies operate from the airport.

Hotels Near Newquay Airport

Looking for a convenient place to stay near the airport? There are a variety of hotels catering to different budgets and needs in the vicinity.

Attractions Near Newquay Airport

Newquay Airport’s convenient location also puts you within reach of some of Cornwall’s top attractions. Ready to explore?

Watergate Bay

Just a short drive from the airport, Watergate Bay is a must-visit for its stunning beach and vibrant surf culture.

Eden Project

One of the UK’s top environmental attractions, the Eden Project, is also easily accessible from Newquay Airport.

Conclusion: Your Journey Begins at Newquay Airport

Now that you’re equipped with all the essential information about Newquay Airport, you’re ready to start your journey. Whether it’s your arrival or departure point, Newquay Airport promises a comfortable and convenient experience. But what hidden tips and hacks can make your experience even better? Stay tuned as we reveal more in our upcoming articles.